Patient Confidentiality And Data Protection

Coatbank Medical Practice take care to ensure your personal information is only accessible to authorised people. Our Staff have a legal and contractual duty to keep personal health information secure, and confidential. In order to find out more about current data protection legislation and how we process your information, please visit the Data Protection Notice on our website at or ask a member of staff for a copy our Data Protection Notice.

Medical confidentiality is the cornerstone of trust between doctor and patient and we keep your records secure and confidential. For your direct care either from the practice or within the NHS hospital service we imply your consent to pass on relevant clinical information to other professional staff involved in your direct care.

Only when there is a legal basis for the transfer of data we may pass limited and relevant information to other NHS organisations to improve the efficient management of the NHS or aid medical research. This practice contributes to the Clinical Practice Research Datalink.

Information in patients' records is important to medical research to develop new treatments and test the safety of medicines. This practice supports medical research by sending some information from patients records to the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD).

CPRD is a government organisation that is provided anonymous patient data for research to improve patient and public health. You cannot be identified from this information sent to CPRD.

If you do not want anonymous information from your patient record to be used in research you can opt out by speaking to your doctor.

For more information about how your data is used visit

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